Associate in Social Science (Law)

Law is an indispensable part of society。This course combines basic legal knowledge with social science disciplines such as political science, sociology and social studies to provide students with a unique learning experience。After completing this course, students not only understand how the legal system works, but also understand how the law is affected by political, social and cultural factors。The course is taught in a Hong Kong context, with a global and transnational perspective。The core legal subjects are taught by practising lawyers or professionals with recognised legal qualifications。Graduates can join the third year of the social Science degree programmes offered by most local institutions and have some advantages in applying for the first year of the local BACHELOR of Laws。In terms of employment, graduates can work in professional support personnel or related industries that require legal knowledge, such as the disciplined forces。



The social sciences


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2 年



63 學分


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Associate degree


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$150 (Registration before 30 June 2021 is waived)

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HK$2,600 per credit x 38 social work course credits +
HK$1,600 x 21 general studies credits +
HK$2,500 per credit x 15 internship credits
= HK$169,900

Other fees

The graduation fee of 400 is payable with the first instalment of tuition fee。


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Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

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Course objectives and structure

Upon completion of the course, students can: 

  • Assess relevant legal concepts, systems, processes and issues affecting decisions by governments, businesses and individuals;
  • Linking theories and concepts from the social sciences to legal studies;
  • Linking the main ideas of the humanities, science and technology to the disciplines of social law;
  • Analyze and integrate complex materials such as cases, laws and legal arguments in an organized and logical manner;
  • 在口述和手寫兩方面達致清晰和有效的溝通;及
  • Conduct academic research effectively。

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of law and legal systems, and the ability to identify, interpret and synthesize legal and social science knowledge so that they can apply this knowledge wisely to practical problems。


Students are required to take the following social Science foundation and General Studies subjects in year 1:

  • sociology
  • Introduction to political studies
  • Hong Kong on the Move
  • Critical thinking
  • Social studies
  • Foundation of jurisprudence
  • Introduction to legal systems
  • Legislatures and legislation


In Year 2, students are required to study the core subjects of Legal Studies, the General Studies subjects, and the Comprehensive study programme:

  • Constitution and Administrative law
  • Crime and criminal law
  • The legal process
  • Legal research and writing
  • Fundamentals of business Law
  • Law, rights and community
  • Morality and Society
  • Comprehensive monographs

To qualify for this award, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 63 credit points by satisfactory completion of the following core courses.

Course CodeCourse Name  
Semester A, Year 1
CGE1000 (1500) English for Academic Studies A or B
CGE14411 Critical Thinking
DSS10010 Hong Kong in Transformation
DSS10015  Introduction to Political Studies 
DSS12601 Basics of Law
Semester B, Year 1
CGE2002  English Professional Communication Skills for Social Science
DSS10402 Sociology 
DSS12602  Introduction to Legal System
DSS20401 Social Research  
DSS22608 Legislature and Legislation
CGE General Education (or CGE2101 Advanced English Reading and Writing Skills*)
Semester A, Year 2
CGE1200** Practical Chinese
DSS22602 Constitutional and Administrative Law
DSS22604 Law, Rights and Community
DSS22605  Legal Research and Writing
CGE General Education
Semester B, Year 2
BUS20280 Fundamentals of Business Law
CGE24411 Ethics and Society
DSS22601 Crime and Criminal Law
DSS22603 Legal Procedure
DSS22607 Integrated Project

CGE General Education courses:

At least one elective must by chosen from the Science and Technology domain, And one from the Society and Organizations Domain. At least one course chosen must be level A2.

General Elective courses must be selected from all the following domains:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Society and Organisations

* Students whose DSE score of English Language is below 3 are required to complete this course

** Students who are non-Chinese literate can take a course among the core General Education courses in lieu of CGE1200 Practical Chinese at the recommendation of Programme Leaders and approval by the Chairman of Academic Board


The following table lists some of the government-funded bachelor's degree programmes in which graduates of this programme have been enrolled。Graduates can also move up to a variety of overseas degree programmes offered in Hong Kong。

Wollongong College, Hong Kong

Social Innovation (Hons) Bachelor of Social Sciences

City University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology sociology)

Lingnan university

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Hong Kong Education University

Ba (Hons) in Liberal Studies

The university of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Social Science



Graduates of this course can take up entry-level management positions in various industries, such as human resources, business management, media, customer service, social services, etc。

If you have any enquiries about the course content, please contact the Programme DirectorDr. Min-kong Lee


Faculty of Social Sciences

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傳真: (852) 2707 3224

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[MTR Sung Wong Toi Station, Exit B3]

College Office

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